Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Few Bible Memory Songs

Lately I have been working on Bible memory songs for children.

As is always the case for me, I find that my songs are particularly helpful for myself.  What happens for me is that I put some words together that convey some truth that I think I have seen, or that speaks to my heart, and then the song runs itself over and over in my mind and heart.  And I think that this is helpful.

I might mention here that many of these songs have the reference as part of the song itself.  That may seem like (and may be) silliness, but the logic is that if you have the references memorized, you begin to build up a kind of mental map of the Bible that can be extremely useful at times.  Even in these days of search engines.

These songs are not very sophisticated musically, nor are the words deep except in that they are scripture.  Still I find them helpful, and perhaps others will too.  You will see that sometimes I have simply tried to give the Bible passage, and other times I have added in a small attempt to supply context and application.  Sometimes through the words and other times through the pictures.

If you are used to these verses in the King James, some will sound a little strange.   Since we're encouraging the kids to use the NIV, we're taking the words from that version.

Genesis 50:20

A simple Bible memory song that represents the heart of Joseph's reconciliation with his brothers.  In our own lives, I think, most of the time the people who hurt us don't really mean to do it, but Joseph's brothers didn't have that excuse.  You just can't shove someone in a pit, sell them into slavery and tell their father that they are dead, and then say, -Well, I didn't mean to hurt you.-  When I sing these words though, I think it will mostly be to Satan, the enemy of my soul, who does intend to harm me (and who cannot take me out of God's love no matter what he does.)

Deuteronomy 5:6

Psalm 23:

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