Friday, August 19, 2011

Traveling Princess

This song doesn't have particularly popular images for this day and age, nor is it formed with a great deal of craft. It's something of a hodge-podge of images from Scripture that are valuable to me right now.  I share it here because this is very much a "windmill song"--one that useful in my life for making the images and phrases go deeper into my own heart.  It's a battle cry against darkness, and a promise to keep moving.   It's my own cry for this moment in time--but perhaps some day it may find relevance for others.  I added links to some of the relevant scriptures, mostly as an exercise for myself.

Traveling Princess
I am a child of the King
I am a child of the King
I am a blood-bought daughter of the Living God
I am a child of the King
Well, in the Valley of Trouble
There's a Door of Hope
And my Savior will help me find that way
He is my shield and shelter on that narrow path
He watches over me both night and day.

Well, there’s a road to the Kingdom
and it runs through my heart
I’m walking on that pilgrim way
Though there may be some crying on that desert road
There will be streams in the desert

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