Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Song about the Concept of Prayer

I believe that God is infinite, and so I am not really troubled by the idea that God has bandwidth issues.  At the same time, I am sometimes keenly aware of the absurdity of the idea that the God who made the universe actually cares what people have to say. It is not that I do not believe that this is true.  In fact, long before I became a Christian, I found that I was unable to be an atheist because I feel so strongly that when I pray, I am heard.  Someone is listening.  Many years ago, the person who wrote Psalm 8 felt the same way. 

When I look up at the heavens, which your fingers made,
and see the moon and the stars, which you set in place,
Of what importance is the human race, that you should notice them?
Of what importance is mankind, that you should pay attention to them,
and make them a little less than the heavenly beings?  --Psalm 8:3-4 (NIV)

So it is not that I do not believe that God is listening, that God hears our prayers and cares about us.  It is part of the amazing joyful message of Christianity--God is aware, God cares, God actually wants to talk to us, and be known by us, and in Jesus God paid a stunning cost to make that possible.


When I sit and pray to you
Sometimes I feel foolish
Why should I think a king like you
Would listen to me?
The one who set the stars in place
The ground of all our being
Must have one or two
More important things to do
Than listen to a single human’s plea.
But you told us to pray at all times
So here I am praying
For the bread that will feed
Both my soul and my body today
Would you open my heart to the depths of your love
May my life reflect fully your kingdom above
Father God, teach me how to pray.

When I try to hear your voice
Well, there are times I wonder
Is what I’m hearing only me
Or am I hearing you?
I listen for your still, small voice
I hope to hear your thunder
But I’m not a priest or king
Or any special thing
So why would God be whispering to me?
But you said that your sheep hear your voice
So I want to listen
To the word that you spoke for all time
And your word for today.
Would you open my heart to the depths of your word
May your Spirit transform, so I do what I’ve heard
Father God, teach me how to pray.

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